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Meet Enzo

Welcome to Ocean Needs Everyone!

My name is Enzo, and I am a youth

ocean conservationist. If you look through this website, you can see many different aspects of what we do at O.N.E. I hope you find as much passion in helping the ocean as I do.


One of our missions with O.N.E. is to rid the ocean of plastic. The reason plastic is so bad is because when people throw it away, it goes into landfills and eventually blows into the ocean. The plastic won’t decompose for thousands of years, so there is a very likely chance that a sea creature could eat this, and eventually die. If the creature has not already died and a fisherman comes and takes the fish out of water to be put in a restaurant, you could be eating the plastic that the fish ate. There is a projection that says if we keep going at this rate, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We need to stop that. As an athlete, I’m scared that soon, neither people nor creatures will be able to swim in the ocean. Do your part by picking up just O.N.E. piece of plastic at the beach. Every little bit counts. Beach clean-ups are just one of the many projects we have initiated to help safeguard our oceans.

Remember…Ocean Needs Everyone! 

You can help!
Pick up one piece of plastic on the beach.

OTHER O.n.e news

The founder of O.N.E., Enzo, has now competed on American Ninja Warrior Season 13, 14, and 15! Below are his season 13 and 15 runs, so you can watch your favorite ocean warrior compete in the qualifying round, semifinals, and national finals! In Season 13, he was the youngest competitor in history to compete on the show, and the youngest competitor to ever hit a buzzer in the national finals! If you watch the show on NBC, you can see his ocean conservation efforts featured as well. He is honored to be able to compete and share his ocean conservation message on such a huge platform! Watch his runs in the links below.

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