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Ocean Awareness Summer Camp 2021

This year, my friend Ryan and I went to our old school, Safety Harbor Montessori Academy to talk to kids aged 2-12 about ocean conservation and what they can do to help. We read Ryan’s book, “Puffy the Pufferfish Saves the Ocean” to the 2-5 year olds to teach them about plastic pollution in a fun and easy to learn way! We then did a presentation to the 6-12 year olds on plastic straws and all of their fun and easily accessible alternatives. We made a fun and enjoyable presentation where all of the kids would be involved. They asked very curious questions, picked their favorite straw, and even told us ways THEY were helping the ocean! The next generation of ocean conservationists are the youth, so it was amazing to teach kids as young as 2 years old about plastic pollution. Ocean Awareness Camp was a huge success!

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